What Are The Effects Of A Panic Attack – Before And After Photos

If you would like to know what are the effects of a panic attack, keep reading on. Anxiety attacks are simply the result of overwhelming stress and anxiety which will create an intensely fearful experience in a very short period of time.

Typical symptoms will include increased rate of breathing, clammy, sweaty hands, pounding heart, possible tunnel vision and these are just the physical symptoms. Your thoughts will catastrophise the situation and imagine the worst possible scenarios such as assuming you're having a heart attack.

But these are just the symptoms you will experience during the attack itself. But are there any long term effects and if so what are they?

Anxiety in itself can be extremely debilitating and the attacks create a lot of fear and anxiety and if you suffer from them on a regular basis they can be extremely exhausting. Over a longer period of time repeated attacks can wear you down to the extent, they can lead to other mental health problems such as agoraphobia or even depression.

Amber Smith took it upon herself to show the effects of panic attacks. Looking at the pictures you can see the anguish on her face only three weeks after the episodes started.

This Woman Took Before And After Photos To Show Just How Real Anxiety Attacks Are

What seems to exacerbate the situation is the lack of understanding and knowledge that people have about mental health problems. You can see from her Facebook status the sheer amount to frustration she has towards other peoples lack of knowledge and acceptance.

I think she's very courageous to share her experience with the world.

Just because anxiety is a mental problem it does not mean it doesn't exist and for someone who has never suffered overwhelming anxiety won't be able to relate to her experiences in the same way that someone has.

Good on her for raising awareness of this debilitating problem! Hopefully through her courage, people will begin to understand it's effects.

Many people turn to medication to overcome anxiety and panic. The only thing this achieves is helping to mask the problem, rather than treating the cause of the problem itself.

Overcoming this issue can be achieved through completely natural methods. You have to change your relationship with panic. The Panic Away method is one such program that aims to do that. You can read more about it here.

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